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By jason (registered) | Posted August 05, 2008 at 15:02:00

Mr. Dolbec, your opinion is "so darned important" because you represent the Hamilton Chamber of COMMERCE. Most average joe's recognize that organization as one that should be leading the charge to better prosperity, business and vibrancy in our city. The fact that you're choosing not to is making you irrelevant as a BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT organization. Maybe fewer boring conferences and swanky parties at the Hamilton Club and more focus on turning this city around would be appropriate. As Cooke so accurately points out (albeit in different terms), you guys are quick to support any decision that the suburban home builders and big box builders want, yet can't take a stance on something so basic to the business climate and livability of the downtown as two-way streets. Your group also opposed making North Hamilton streets safer for children by lowering the speed limits on all side streets (leaving James and Wellington alone). This ain't the 1950's. The day of the zooming automobile has come and gone. Sadly, it's taken our downtown core and chamber of commerce with it.

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