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By jason (registered) | Posted August 06, 2008 at 07:49:26

Citizen325.... you are correct when asking for the beginning of a solution. I think that's why this blog was posted in the first place. Terry Cooke wrote a great piece encouraing the Chamber and public to support two-way streets in order to support business downtown and residents moving into downtown. I think that is the beginning of the solution - getting the Chamber off their duff to support something that is so clearly benefiting the downtown core. You can't help but wonder about the Chambers operations when they are so quick to throw support behind something so vague and unproven as the MidPen highway, yet won't support something so proven and working right before our eyes as two-way streets. I suppose the solution would be to get the Chamber to support and attempt to educate their clients to the merits and benefits of two-way streets downtown.
Otherwise, they need to explain to the rest of us that downtown Hamilton and it's businesses are absolutely pleased and happy with how things are and don't want any changes. Benign neutrality is not an option.

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