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By John Dolbec (anonymous) | Posted August 06, 2008 at 11:15:37

As the question of the Chamber's position on North-End Neighbourhood "side streets" has come up - I simply will quote from the Chamber's published public policy position in this matter which makes this specfic reccomendation to the City, namely:

"The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce urges the City of Hamilton to consider the
unintended negative effects of restrictive traffic flow to the Harbour and its various
points of interest. (However) The Chamber supports lower speed limits on ‘local’ roads, coupled with calming measures that allows for vehicular movement to clearly outline which
roads are ‘arterial’ and which are ‘local’."

My expressed concerns, as cited on CHML, was to the proposition of a "blanket reduction" on all streets in the NEN to a 30 KPH maximaum speed limit - but, as above, we in fact do endorse selectively applied slower speeds on local "side" streets.

By the way, if any one ever has any questions as to the Chamber's public policy positions and/or presentations to any level of government, they are all fully published on our web site (

You need not speculate.

And, further, these polices are almost entirley all derived in a fully democtaric fashion, open to full partcipation by any and all members in good standing at any time who chose to partcipate, via our standing Committee/Division structure, again as outlined on our site; with each member, regardless of size or sector, carrying each one vote only.

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