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By Frank (registered) | Posted August 06, 2008 at 13:49:02

Mr. Dolbec, let me refer you to the Transporation Association of Canada's Manual for the Geometric Design of Roadways... In there the definition of a "local" road is clearly outlined and if I remember, I will post it for you when I get home. As it stands, if I'm not mistaken, the entire two way section of Bay Street qualifies as a "local" road. Quite honestly, the section south of Main Street from I'd say Hunter is widely underused and would benefit immensely from lane reductions (1 lane each way) increasing livability in those areas.

Also, you quote policy however on the radio show it's quite possible that you spoke out of your own opinions. Regardless, your statement as quoted by Pro-ponent in 2002 was never addressed here. Has policy changed since then?

As far as credentials go, I don't believe that anything other than a desire to see the city change and grow is required.

Also, if anyone considers RTH lightweight, consider that we've got John Dolbec and Councillor Whitehead posting on here recently as well as an occasional visit from the Mayor. Don't let the fact that we have screen names cause any disillusion as to the effect our statements may or may not make.

John, I don't believe that your job is represent EVERYONE. I believe in a democracy the MAJORITY is represented. If you're waiting for everyone to agree with anything, you'll be waiting til the cows come home! Step up! Git 'er done!!!

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