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By haven't forgotten (anonymous) | Posted December 01, 2008 at 22:01:10

How can we ever hope for a balanced budget or progressive thinking by city council when we spent the budget money for this year and many others when the City decided sprawl and box stores was the wave of Hamilton's future and we ompleted the noose of roads surrounding Hamilton (Red Hill).
We have yet to pay off what we owe for the road and will be spending up to 10 million more annually to keeep the raod going, choking off any hope of moving forward. All hope is resting on yet more moneyy being poured into a lawsuit so our federal taxes can pay for our municipal stupidity.

We should be in better shape with the downloading reversing but we are not. The same folk who brought us this dillemma are still in power making sure we never dig our way out.

No amount of planning now will fix this.

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