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By Balance (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2008 at 09:51:21

Hopefully the turnout to the HPD session was low. I know it would be 100% inaccurate information being presented. I attended a CLC meeting once and was thoroughly disgusted by the behaviour of Michael Desnoyers. He went against the very thing he and his cronies apparently champion, Public Engagement. His insulting language, tape recorder, facial expression and basically acting like a down right bully killed any opportunity for positive public engagement.

Then I see him leave in his big v-8 gas guzzling polluter. I found out that he lives on Courtland drive ( a suburban street in the middle of the Country side off of Book Road) in a monster home and works in Burlington. This is the guy who talks about sustainable development, the loss of agricultural lands and peak oil of all things, give me a break what a hypocrit. I know now the only reason he is opposed to anything is because he is worried about himself and his property. He would be about a kilometer from the AEGD's westerly boundary. Give it up, you lost at the OMB last time, so quit wasting taxpayers dollars to support your own selfish needs.

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