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By mdesnoyers (anonymous) | Posted December 06, 2008 at 16:32:40

In response to comments by Balance,

I have choosen by virtue of my work with HPD to put myself directly in the line of fire and expose myself to public scrutiny and criticism. I have the courage and conviction in my beliefs to not hide behind an alias and prefer to debate issues and facts as opposed to unsubstantiated commentary.

You will no doubt be disappointed to hear that the turnout to the HPD public meeting exceeded our expectations and was attended by almost 100 people. Unlike the CLC meetings we encourage dialogue and exchange and provide more time during the meeting for questions and answers than actual presentation. You seem to know that it "would be 100% inaccurate information being presented". Perhaps you can share with all the Blog readers some examples so we can engage in meaningful debate. You also refer to my "insulting language" during a CLC meeting and again suggest you provide examples. One of the principal reasons we record the meetings is to dispel the sort of inaccurate depictions that you have described and I would challenge you to put some meat on the bones so to speak.

You make two final interesting comments which don't seem to make much sense.

It is true I reside about 1Km away from the proposed AEGD. However, I have no interest in any other lands within the AEGD or any other area of the city for that matter. If there were plans to expand the AEGD and jeopardize my property it would most likely not occur for 30 to 40 years from now when I will be at least 90. So a reaasoned individual might ask why then am I so concerned. I have been a life long resident of Hamilton and raised my 2 children here in Hamilton. I have witnessed the slow and agonizing degradation of our city to many aspects of poor planning and development. I cannot undo what has been done but have choosen to become actively involved in the future direction of our city. If this makes me a bad citizen than I am prepared to accept that label.

Finally, when it comes to spreading inaccurate information, I would advise you to familiarize yourself with the proceedings of the OMB appeal and the final settlement which are public record. The principle issue at the OMB was that the city was proceeding with an Urban Boundary expansion without conducting proper studies. The final settlement included an ORDER by the OMB to the city to complete studies according to the Municipal act including proper public consultation prior to a boundary expansion and also included the formation of the CLC. I hardly think we lost!

M. Desnoyers

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