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By mdesnoyers (anonymous) | Posted December 09, 2008 at 16:32:22

To Concerned,

Quite contrary to your statement, I DON'T know everything. However, I have taken it upon myself to read literally hundreds of pages of documents, attend countless City held public meetings, Council and Economic Development and Planning meetings to become as informed as I can on the subject matter at hand.

When we hold public meetings I often begin the presentation by oddly enough suggesting to all those present that they not believe a word I say. I go on to provide the actual documents that they should read and how to find them so that they can become as informed as possible to make an educated decision. I make absolutely no apologies that I am well informed of the facts and would prefer to debate the actual facts as oppose to engage in a battle of opinions. This is not an easy task and admittedly even I will stray occasionally.

Why are we not debating the content of the original article? Over a year ago HPD vigourously argued that the Phase 1 study should not proceed until the Land Budget was complete. The city proceeded, drew a line on the map which immediately changes land use patterns, speculation and expectations. Now we don't know what the size of the AEGD should be but the damage may be done. Here is a fact to debate - If you take into consideration all of the comments expressed by the province in their letter of June 20 to the city and recalcualte the size of lands needed to meet provincial projections the "Aerotropolis" would only be 600 acres in size and not the 3000 contemplated. This assumes virually no Brownfield redevelopment and no intensification or build up of existing parks both required by the Growth Plan.

M. Desnoyers

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