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By volterwd (anonymous) | Posted December 21, 2008 at 22:19:02

Prices collapsed because the economy is collapsing. Plain and simple. This is a bad thing.

Regarding the 'huge' finds in Brazil, A Smith perhaps you should actually read the articles instead of just the headlines.

If your referring to the 700 million barrels they found recently your looking at about 10 days of world demand.

If your referring to their multi billion barrel find, thats under several miles are unrecoverable (at least for say the next 20 years) as it's over 7km under the ocean surface. You could have a trillion barrels there and it would do you no good until you have them out.

Even when you do get it out- it will be expensive oil (i.e., more expensive than oil from S.A.'s near surface wells).

Yes finds are made, but they are getting smaller while the economy is requiring more and more to run. Oil will not run out but the economy that requires it will eventually either move onto something else quickly (VERY unlikely) or it will collapse in a devastating way.

Crap happens but don't let low current oil prices fool you, even in the Ice age I'm sure there were sunny days.

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