Comment 27970

By jb (anonymous) | Posted December 22, 2008 at 00:03:24

If the price fixing theories are correct then I say we have nothing to worry about because the manipulators obviously aren't very good at it considering they let the price fall from $145/bbl to $33/bbl in 6 months.

If I actually believed it was that simple I would give a big yawn and buy a Hummer knowing that these amateur bumblers are no threat given their recent performance.

The reality of Peak Oil I fear, is far harsher and less forgiving. It will not yield to popular opinion, political parties or misdirected efforts to marginalize it.

There have been several cases of crying wolf about oil supplies in previous decades, often presented as “proof” that peak oil is irreverent and has understandably minimized the tendency for people to take it seriously. However, there are 2 morals about the wolf fable, the latter (often forgotten) being that in the end the wolf did get the boy.

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