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By Mr.Meister (anonymous) | Posted December 23, 2008 at 00:44:11

If oil really was just another commodity then why did the price spike with the mere possibility of a storm hitting the gulf? I have never seen gold or wheat or anything else be this volatile. I find it incredibly hard to believe speculators have smoothed out the price of oil. What would it be like if they helped to make it more volatile? Assuming of course that it could be more volatile. The recent prices of $1.40 a liter just proved that we will pay that much for gas if we have to because that's what all the stations charge, not that there is or was a shortage.

Pardon me for taking the impending doom from peak oil with a grain of salt. I'm old enough to remember all the experts telling us that we were all going to starve to death because we couldn't possibly grow enough food. Another group of experts told me we were all going to die because of the hole in the ozone layer. Just how did we manage to fix that one? Those are just the ones that come to mind now, but there have been others. If the experts really knew what was going to happen wouldn't they be filthy rich and sunning in some paradise?

Climate change is my favorite one. Yes it's getting warmer no doubt. But do we know why? The Earth has gone thru several ice age cycles: Is this just another one? Some very knowledgeable people seem to think so. Were is all this CO2 coming from are we really making any new or just releasing the gas that was there before? Our accurate weather records are about 100 years old. Not even a blip on the earth's timeline. The sheer arrogance of the people who claim to "KNOW" all that is happening is a little overwhelming.

Mankind has proven to be incredibly resourceful and adaptable over the years. I really believe that once again we will overcome the hurdles and survive. (I can't wait for my electric car)

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