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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted January 20, 2009 at 08:59:43

Smokin: Is that all you can do is try and insult me? The facts speak for themselves, your liberals are no better then the conversatives. But then of course, you are not one of those that sit at the bottom are you?

If you are going to give a valid rebuttal then focus in on the issues.

So please explain where did all the money go from the HRDC boondoggle or how about adscam? How much of the public money has disappeared, you know the 250 million?

Your liberals are just as bad as the conservatives, they do not care about those the really struggle, I know here's a suggestion, why don't you go out into the communty and speak to those at the bottom.

As as far as the NDP or Bob Rae, at least his government did try to make things easier for those like myself who were single parents. At least I had daycare, I could work to supplement my mother's allowance while attending post secondary education without being penalized like now, I suggest you look into the workfare policies or the single parents who try to go back to school and are denied any extra money once getting OSAP. But then you would really have to talk to someone who has gone through it Please explain at that time how people who were making in excess of $80,000 were entitled to free day care, opposed to those who were struggling to make something of themselves.

You are the one has drank the koolaid, get a life bud.

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