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By Concern (anonymous) | Posted February 13, 2009 at 20:18:02

Mayor Fred is a honest man and stands for what he believes in. I don't see it as a negative. At least if he loses the next election he'll know that he didn't compromise his values, beliefs and integrity. His problem is his staffers, he needs them to sell his ideas, he is only one person. He has rookies on board. I had such tremendously high hopes and then I saw who he picked for staff.

Unfortunately, he is out of his league with the likes of some of the councillors. He's too honest, good and non-confrontational. It is like herding cats with this group, they are there for themselves only. It is nice to have continuity but sometimes I firmly believe there should be caps on Council terms.

I've heard many times one councillor always refering to his time in the private sector and then heard (whether or not true) he was a blockbuster video store manager, come on, give me a break the City is a $1.2 billion corporation not a video store.

One that has been nothing but a politician who worked for a former politican. All he does is repeat things that others say and use the word "context" in every sentence.

One is a glorified disc jockey that is very parochial and lives in the past.

One is totally arrogant and believe he knows more than anyone else and "has been there done that" because he was a provincial politician.

One is a washed up construction guy. One has been around since the beginning of time. One is a total loud mouth, only about himself and a career politician.

How can we let these people make decisions on our behalf, how can we pay them to do so? It is sad.

Ryan, please don't hold DiIanni up to the light even though he is backing a downtown project. He was/is not good for this city in my opinion (and the voters).

Everyday I become more disillusioned and have considered moving, Sadly, I'm not sure if it is better anywhere else. If I could afford the pay cut I would run in the next election. My problem is that I'd put the good of the City before my ward. At least we have Fred, Dave, Russ, Margaret, Maria, Brian, Scott, Tom and Rob. They are not perfect but at least make sense most of the time.

Hopefully, 2010 brings a major shake up to restore our faith.

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