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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 23:12:54

Social scientist: Well then where is your burden of prove on tower 7. It seems that there are many people from different walks of live that do not believe the "official story" and to be honest why would MSM be reporting that a building fell, tower 7, when it was still standing? Can you answer that?

That is not an urban myth, it is fact, it is on tape, it was broadcast all over the world. Sure does look like a controlled demolition to me but then what do I know, just an ordinary person but sure does look suspicious. Why are those that were in the building tower 7, hearing explosions? Seems to me that someone missed their cue. There was a pretty good turn out at a lecture here in town on the topic, so I guess I am not alone.

By Wondering: Well to be honest, I do not bet but there is more to the story isn't there. I watched a film clip done by CBS, which was pretty good considering it was main stream media, it showed pretty clearly some of the problems over there. What you fail to look at is the policies. You see there are bad people everywhere, they can blue, pink, black, red, purple with polka dots but does not mean that all people of the same group think alike. I have heard several Israeli, Jewish voices who do not think like you do, they can see what the issues are, too bad you can't. You are the type of person that perpetuates hate and violence as you will never give up your views for the betterment of all. You are just as bad as those you are condemning.

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