Comment 29923

By highwater (registered) | Posted April 03, 2009 at 17:04:45

Don MacLean of all people, has an interesting perspective on this over at hallmarks:

It's sad that nearly all these comments seem motivated by hatred of politicians, and apparently rules of fairness don't apply to them. We ask our elected representatives to set aside their normal job or career and SERVE the public interest. Then we treat them like the lowest of the low. Why should anyone take up this job? They are supposed to be the main voice of the public interest in our democratic system - the ones we ask to prevent and punish crimes and to oversee, regulate and control the private profit-seeking that is the central principle of our economic system. Recently some folks have noticed that CEOs and others have been rather generously paid and have been getting away with activities that are very damaging to their employees and other members of the public. What should be done about this? Well, of course, government should fix it - while we smug citizens throw rotten eggs at our representatives. Who exactly is served by this demeaning of our representatives?

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