Comment 29932

By Meville (anonymous) | Posted April 04, 2009 at 10:48:01

Ugh, I kinda hope that temp worker/contract thing doesn't go through. We have employees who are on consulting basis so we don't have to do paperwork, and we pay more per hour and hire more people due to that. I'm all for rights in terms of safety, equity, etc, but adding to the paperwork of people who employ consultants/self-employed will just discourage the use of it, particularly in nonprofit sectors. Generous individuals who want to see the direct impact of their money would likely hold back their money if they knew they had to fill out a tonne of paperwork. I know we would, or we would at least lower the pay per hour so we can afford to hire HR people to do it for us.. at that point, might as well just donate the money to another bureaucratic agency rather than create our own.

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