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By Hopeful (registered) | Posted May 19, 2009 at 00:18:57

Good points David. Those who wish to affect change need to create the groundswell, not just lament that politicians do not listen to them (ever notice that the Spec's Have Your Say poll results are often out of synch with Raise the Hammer thinking --- I think we need to get the underlying logic of our message across better sometimes). That said, I've personally had local politicians express great sympathy and agreement with concerns I've raised only to see them vote against the option that they've said that they support. Horse trade? Maybe. Lying? Perhaps. Unfortunately, they've never seen fit to explain their change of tune (and I've asked them to). I don't have any problem with an opinion, or vote, which doesn't lean the way I want it to. I do have issues when it passes unexplained. Ultimately, accountability is what counts and, sadly, I see little of it, except to campaign funders, here at times. The call to reform election financing for municipal candidates (see needs to be explored and a scorecard on Council votes needs to be made. Only then might we see some changes.

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