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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted May 28, 2009 at 14:26:55

Lol this keeps getting better and better.

Larry DiIanni weighed in yesterday on the accountability committee in an overheated rant that made some good points especially about the Lieberman "graft" kerfuffle but was REAL touchy on well, the obvious. DiIanni of course couldn't resist taking some swipes against his enemies,

the committee -- "It hasn't accomplished much other than delaying inordinately the hiring of an integrity commissioner."

Joanna Chapman -- called her "this fine specimen of a hamilton patriot," said her place on the committee was a "patronage appointment from the Mayor's office" and said, "Joanna isn't about facts. She is about perception."

Mayor Fred -- "Now, if this isn't an integrity issue, I'm not sure what is. The Mayor refusing to take action on a graft allegation and, according to the Spectator, potentially lying about it would have been something for the committee to get to the bottom of."

Oh did I mention Larry DiIanni's blog is hosted by ... Chris Ecklund??

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