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By JonC (registered) | Posted May 28, 2009 at 15:38:20

Agree with Jason. This action is pretty much the exact opposite of what a philanthropist would do.

The Hamilton Conservation Authority is completely politically neutral (as far as I know).

Accepting gift box seats to a football game by two politicians is illegal if the cost exceeds the following limits: a maximum of $300 per year, and when reach $200, they are required to inform the integrity commissioner about the items.

If he isn't in it for political gain, then why would he even associate the two events. Why would you hurt the cause you claim to care so much about.

Also, Whitehead should bone up on his responsibilities.

"I can go to the Easter Egg hunt, but not to a football game?" [Whitehead] asked. "I just want to know the rules" and claims "There was no benefit to me"

Whitehead claims there was no value to the ticket. In that case, why not meet at city hall, or a coffee shop. It's a very simple system to practice and I have to follow a nearly identical system for my employer. If you receive a benefit or gift, you keep a record and report it (or turn it down) when it exceeds set guidelines. It isn't up to councilors to arbitrarily decide what counts as a gift.

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