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By markwhittle (registered) - website | Posted May 29, 2009 at 16:39:09

What's wrong with City Hall presenting factual information in a PDF at their web site Jason, there are hundreds of them there? In my oppinion there is a huge amount of lobbying going on under the table at city hall.

I refused to be part of it (integrity) and requested that they provide a volunteer registry, which they did. If i'm the only one on it what does that say to you Jason?

The committee Chapman sits on should be strengthening this legislation to close the loop holes you can drive a truck through.

For example, when developers send representatives to fight for their cause at committee meetings, such as the committee of adjustment, they should be called "lobbyists" as is the law in Toronto, and many other jurisdictions.

One would think that you of all people would support more open, transparent and accountable local government and support a mandatory Lobbyist Registry, instead of the present voluntary one.

In your oppinion, how many lobbyist for the environment Industry are in town pushing their cause at the committee level, or the poverty industry to name another lobby group with members embedded in certain committees of council.

Why else would Hamilton need an Integrity Commissioner if the city didn't have a lack of integrity in the first place?

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