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By Chris A (anonymous) | Posted May 29, 2009 at 22:10:40

Paper thin skinned is the most flattering description of Chris Ecklunds behaviour. He is courting politicians but launches into this wounded Duchess routine? I don't buy it for a minute; it is nothing but transparent dramatic posing. There was something profoundly disturbing about the way he implied he had cancelled a major donation to the RGB because of the integrity questions. First it says this is a man who is so small that he would derail a valued project totally unrelated to his greivance out of spite. Even more disturbing no one was informed of this planned donation is was going to be a surprise of sorts. This sounds more like a pouty child than a "philanthropist". There is an overwhelming stink to this story and after a look around I see marketing for Chris and not much else. I am confident that time will tell the same story to many others that any service or philanthropy provided to the community is purely incidental. Any person who would try to pass off that pant load about the RGB donation is not deserving of trust as to their ethics, nor are they entitled to the respect accorded true philanthropists. Good luck to Chris in learning the meaning of the word.

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