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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted June 01, 2009 at 13:14:46

Oh my sides ache from laughter ... the disappearing bit well no one until you has pointed out the similarity between my name and Criss the video illusion guy. Wait - you are "Copperfield" as in David and its an "anonymous". Did you make that up just for me? I am touched and humbled by your gesture and awed by your boundless wit.

I really am not to concerned with Chris Ecklands motives. He is going to have to have something to sell before he can peddle the waterfall thing to the city and any transaction would be scrutinized by honourable members of council like Ms. Chapman and the public in general. As to a political career it would be short lived even if he managed to get elected which is doubtful. Just in the last 6 months he has demanded the resignation of the chief of police, come out with some crack pot story about "The Slate" cabal and pulled a hissy fit and taken his toys and gone home after blogging some petulant garbage about how he was just about to offer the largest donation of his carrer. Much like the $10,000 he was "planning" to donate to Fieldcote in 2007. I guess he was going to announce that he was "planning" to donate an even larger amount to the RGB just as soon as he gets around to honouring all the empty promises he has made. It is easy to be generous when it does not cost anything or when you are generous with someone elses money.

What are his toys? - Well, a few cars and a motor home. He sends "Dan" out in the motor home to pick up food donations in the off season. I wonder given that he uses it for charitable purposes besdes personal, if he doesn't write off gas and maintenance and either lease costs or depreciation? It seems all 4 vehicles this person owns is wrapped in waterfall decals and the same tax credits and very likely additional credits applied. Thats OK with me and it probably is with Revenue Canada. Anyone can do the same so it is a level playing field. Councillor Whitehead is now doing it having purchased one from Eckland, I am sure at market value. I suggest everyone follow this fine philanthropic example. After all if you can't sell whatever you are "branding" to the city you are out nothing with the tax credits you have been able to claim. Put me down for waterfall car #4 from I especially like the hood photo of the chick in the bikini on all fours in front of some nameless waterfall. Nothing says Chris Eckland to me like this vehicle. I have the perfect bumper sticker for it - something about how no one rides for free. Good luck to Chris "branding" himself as the politician / philanthropist without the common sense to veto that shot.

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