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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted July 31, 2009 at 15:22:40

JonC >> a) I didn't realize Ryan was scientific consensus

I never said he was.

b) Ryan never indicated Earth wasn't warming.

Nor did he indicate that it was, that's my point. He now only talks about "our persistently bizarre and unpredictable weather" due to climate change. Do you see the problem here? If the climate is changing in ways that climate models can't predict, this indicates that the climate models are unreliable.

If climate models are unreliable, then recommendations made based on their output are equally unreliable.

Therefore, why should anyone believe that burning fossil fuels are bad? If the effects of burning fossil fuels are unknowable, then there is no scientific basis for limiting their use.

>> the idea that people could modify a system (even naysayers have 20% of change in CO2 emissions related to people) and expect that there would be no appreciable change.

Change is a part of life and it's also why we have brains. Limit the rate of change and you limit progress.

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