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By adrian (registered) | Posted September 16, 2009 at 22:10:28

Ryan, two quick thoughts:

1) Organizing that takes place in RTH comments is probably pretty effective, because RTH already has the killer feature that is the hardest to build: a community. RTH has active writers and a broad audience. Audiences are hard to build. There is no technological substitute for that.

2) I think there's a risk of falling prey to NIH syndrome with this idea, something I'm really prone to myself. One of my clients uses a tool called Clearspace ( that "integrates the functionality of discussion forums, blogs, wikis, IM chat and VOIP under one unified user interface". It is proprietary, but the category of software it belongs to, collaborative software (, probably has many members that are open-source.

I love web development, and I would love to be involved with something, if I thought that it met a need that is unmet with existing tools, and if it seemed obvious that once something got built it would actually get used. A lot could probably get done in the meantime with a combination of existing tools, like a wiki, a Google group, and a shared Google calendar. If there was a lot of participation and users started to outgrow the tools, it might be time to move to an integrated platform, whether it's one we build ourselves or not.

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