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By canbyte (registered) | Posted October 28, 2009 at 23:26:14

A Smith keeps making an important point but keeps getting slagged for it, i'd guess by the socialists amongst us. But the reason city revenue lags transit investment is nicely outlined by Ryan's blog - too many other negative factors at play. His list is not complete.

Myth: cars are bad. Truth: cars need not be used much to be considered a useful asset for the owner. A parked, seldom used car is not overly burdensome to a functional city. Car haters are not helping the discussion.

Myth: LRT is good and will remake Hamilton's image, improve its prospects etc. Truth: Never mind the label, only the function (result) matters, and as A Smith would probably like to point out, it matters not how the result is achieved.

Our imaginations are being stifled by our rigid philosophies/ political doctrines (much like the 'health' care debate).

I'm often tempted to think that getting rid of city hall would be the best ultimate answer to Hamilton's woes. In the meantime, get the broom. Make a clean sweep!


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