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By AB (anonymous) | Posted October 29, 2009 at 07:50:57

You start with a very relevant question but end up going into something that the questioner did not want to hear. He doesn't seem to want to hear about macro thingies. The question needs to be look at from the perspective of a transit system user, not that of a planner.

Who says I want to live in a dense community?

If I tried answering this question, I would say the ideal transit system should take me from most points in the city to other points with no changeovers at high speed. I hate travel standing jostling with crowds, so I want to travel all seated. I don't like waiting for too long at the station for the train. And I just can't remember all the routes and schedules. The system should revolve around me -- it should just take me in when I arrive and take me straight to where I want to go. Simple.

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