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By grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted October 29, 2009 at 16:49:24

I went to the transit meeting and to be honest I think many of you should of attended.

Since the city's motto is the best place to raise a child, the presentation of the teachers, who see the daily impact of poverty of their students is astonishing. From their presentation, the system is condenmning many children to live a life of extreme pvoerty because they cannot get to school becuase they simply cannot afford to pay for transportation and that many walk very long distances, in fact one student got frostbite because of that.

The poverty levels are growing, this time last year EI recipients were around 6,000, now it is over 16,000 people in the Hamilton area. I wonder how many of them will find work? Or are they to be pushed onto the Onario Works system, that is so draconian, that many simply cannot survive.

To the majority who post here, you are what was referred to as the "suits", and those suits, do not like to travel with those who struggle. It seems that there is a definite class division within the city, which to me is outrageous for someone who has had the luck to get a good job, yet feels they are above those who struggle.

The consultant's report was interesting but they stated that there should be investment and improvements to the transit system, for the same reasons as Ryan mentions.

There was also input from the driver's side as well, which pointed out many problems between labour and management on issues of health and safety issues for the most part.

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