Comment 35600

By Commonsense (anonymous) | Posted November 19, 2009 at 18:56:52

I'm all for the revenue neutral scenario. The only way this will get passed. It has been a complete exercise in non-sense and nothing more then a tax grab for people in the "sub-urbs" for a service that barely exists. I love the token bus we see once in a while drive by. They call that service???? Anyways, lower what the "old City" pays and increase the "sub-urbs" contribution to the revenue neutral scenario. It shouldn't be a cash cow for the HSR. In the long run the "sub-urbs" will get screwed. Let's face it though, no new arterial roads where buses would run have been built anywhere. It's the same road network for busing that has existed for ever. So this argument on RTH that "sub-urban" road development has shafted the old City holds absolutely 0 water with me.

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