Comment 36732

By Jim (anonymous) | Posted January 02, 2010 at 18:42:57

I think that from the outside... purely as a piece of sculpture... it's breathtaking. Spectacular. However, when I entered I found it to be rather cold. The resulting spaced inside are very awkward. And the fit and finish is disastrous. The metal panels all over the stairs are a mess. The gaps are all messy. Thing are crooked. The walls are just cheap drywall. The materials are so cheap and ugly. And the spaces are awkward. Walls tilt in towards you. Worst of all are the bridges to nowhere in the 'sprit room'. Wow. That's just unreal. You'd think the architect would reassess when you ended up with a walkway that leads to a dead end?!?! And I love how you can see right down into the messy coat check from above. The interior was not thought out at all. Cool from the outside. But really not at all functional, inspiring or comfortable on the inside. Such a shame.

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