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By z jones (registered) | Posted January 06, 2010 at 12:14:14

Good job rehashing Conservative talking points Overblown. Too bad you're dead wrong on both talking points.

  1. Public disapproval over the detainees issue is strong and growing. The more people learn about what's been going on, the more outraged they get. If no one cared, the Conservatives could of just let the committee investigating Afghani detainee torture do it's business and be ignored by the public.

    Also the detainees might be terrorists, but we have no way of knowing that without, you know, putting them on trial. So much for "law and order" conservatism.

  2. The government wasn't elected by the Canadian public at all. The House of Commons was elected, and less than half of the MPs are Conservatives. Also only 37.6% of votes cast were for a Conservative candidate.

    Know what that means for a Conservative government? They have to accept the fact that they need to compromise on legislation to get majority support.

Of course, the Cons and there paid and unpaid mouth pieces (like you) don't want Canadians to understand how our government really works. Then they'd realize they're being....Conned.

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