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By frank (registered) | Posted January 06, 2010 at 14:12:58

While it may be a fact that minority governments are supposed to compromise or face non-confidence motions, why is the Liberal party to chicken-$h!t to put one forward? First thing back is a budget. If Ignatieff has any cajones at all he'll pull one then, if he has any sense, he wont. As for compromise, sure, but facing complete neutering of bills or bogging down legislation as much as possible? That's not compromise, that's heavy handed politicking by opposition parties.

As it stands, 37 of the 64 bills before parliament will start over...not all 64. It also clears the slate for a tough on crime bill that the liberals have bogged down with trying to pansy up.

As for stacking the senate, I'd rather just delete the senate.

And regarding the Afghan detainee issue, international protocol is international mattchall says, I'd rather that than our own Guantanamo Bay.

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