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By woody10 (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 00:20:48

A few points (to be bashed, I'm sure, lol) The major problem in the far east is bringing the majority of the people into our century. Most are relating to life about 500 years ago, where a mans life was virtually worthless. Killing was a way of life and religion was literally EVERYTHING. I know we have some people like that in the west (not the killing part) but the majority, no. "East is East and West is West and never the (two) shall meet" an old quote, but still very relevant (unfortunately). As far as the government is concerned, I understand the majority (guessing) on this site are not conservatives, but really, Iggy as Prime Minister? Please, we are considered on the lower end of the G-8 as it is, don't make us sink lower. Like it or not, Harper is our best bet right now (McKay would be my choice but....) and at least he talks the talk, not just drivel like the others. God help us if Jack Layton ever came to power. And lastly, I agree with Undustrialo, this is not a true democracy, the British sytem is in my opinion, better than the Americans. But we have to get a better turnout to prove it. (It ain't gonna happen tho.) stick with the Minority government and take the ride. The Majority Liberals in Ontario are shoving the HST down our throats, against popular opinion. Thats what majorities do.

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