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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 08:50:45

@Laurier...they send me those stupid orange coloured flyers that I never asked for every month in my mail... I think that's about it!

As for Afghan detainees... there is no proof that the alleged torture has taken place. From what I read every allegation of torture so far has been either not true or unproveable. (not sure what word to use there) Also @z jones... What that says is hand over the prisoners to a power that's able to apply the convention until it's proven that they can't and in those cases it's responsible to ask for them back. As far as the second paragraph is concerned that was already established by the UN before any transfers had taken place. Regarding your comment about blowing smoke to cover up the government's "crimes against humanity", if the smoke you accuse me of blowing covers them up, then they aren't really issues. My opinion is my opinion and is based on just as much, if not more research than yours... I just don't enjoy crying "the sky is falling" based on some accusations by people who may or may not be telling the truth. I don't blindly trust the words of people and so I base my opinions on interviews and articles written by others as well, not just detained prisoners (can they really be that credible) and a diplomat who waited 4 years to actually say something publicly. If it bothered him that much we should've had the poor man blathering at the parliament doors back in 06-07 when he first "discovered" the alleged torture.... I mean if the head of the Red Cross says things are ok and a diplomat says otherwise what makes the diplomat's word more credible?

I think some people need to take a course on law before hanging any particular party out to dry. Lots of people cry foul when they see a conservative government ALLEGEDLY committing what hyperbolists call "crimes against humanity" all the while forgetting that their own favourite party was complicit in the detention of POW in places like Guantanamo Bay.

I don't have an oar in the fight really. I don't align myself with conservatives or liberals or ndpers or greens or....anyone. But I think it's disgusting and a rush to judgement when people don't apply the same standard they are applying now to everything.

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