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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 11:26:45

Ryan, my supervisor is Pakistani, attended school in Kabul. My information comes largely from discussions with him about their way of life. In fact, his suggestions are either blow the place up, or stay long enough to instill a change of life in the generation that's growing up now.

While I agree they should be charged and tried, that's not our responsibility...that is the responsibility of the ANP. If they are torturing them, something that still isn't proven, then either we have to take that part over (the judicial system and by extension the gov't - something we're trying not to do) or allow them to run the government the way they see fit. If they choose to stay corrupt, then we leave. The UN in principle is great, in function it's lousy.

Many times studies can show things that just don't happen. How many times have government's been elected by landslide victories when studies of public sentiment show they aren't supported?

Grassroots take your tin hat off. There will always be people who disagree... but just because they disagree doesn't mean they're right. You're talking about a country that was suffering under inept leadership that couldn't tell it's rear from a hole in the ground and is yet able to somehow create a smoke screen to hide truths from people for 9 years. Truths that would be worth millions of dollars to any media outlet? What happened to all the thousands of people who would be needed to keep this secret? I'm not even going to bother continuing the argument. People who see UFOs and jump on conspiracy band wagons are impossible to convince otherwise.

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