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By highwater (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 13:11:55

Not sure we should be blaming the GG. Just read in the G&M that constitutional experts agree that she had no choice, and the way he did it, in a phone call rather than a formal visit, showed great disrespect for her office. But then he has utter contempt for parliament (ie. the people's representatives), so it's not surprising he would have contempt for the office of the GG as well. Does Harper have respect or reverence for any of our institutions?

Honestly, I'm at a loss to understand his motivations. His recent actions don't even come across as tough-minded. To be tough-minded, you have to have a soul, and I think Harper has lost his, and for what? Political gain? I think this latest prorogation will ultimately cost him more than it will benefit him. It's almost like he can't help himself. Like the proverbial shark that can't sleep, he can't seem to resist the urge to consolidate power for its own sake, even at considerable political risk.

Thus endeth the stream of consciousness portion of this post. Now onto this:

If they are torturing them, something that still isn't proven...

What total and utter BS. The sworn testimony of senior Canadian officers and documentary evidence, as well as red cross reports, have vindicated Colvin. Even General Natynczyk was forced to recant his previous denials in the face of the evidence. If there were no proof, why did Harper go prorogue? Why not have a full and open inquiry if there's nothing to hide?

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