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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 14:10:12

Ryan if it was legal there'd be a lot more lawyers in Ottawa. What you term respect in this case is simply your version of it. If I argue from another viewpoint... If I was Harper I would be saying that the disruption in the house right now is ludicrous and detrimental to the parliamentary process especially since a committee is already looking into it. So then my choice would be first to stop the poo flinging as much as possible, call a time out and then head back into the fight later.

I can't find any article quoting soldiers saying they knew that detainees were being tortured. You will have to excuse me as I try to gather my thoughts this year. My earlier statements regarding no torture were based on my position after this whole thing came out in mid 2009. If you take a peek at my postings you'll notice I wasn't around for part of Nov and most of December. During that time period I also wasn't able to get into the news much. I do recall, however that my opinion regarding the allegations had changed slightly and I seem to have not taken that into account, but I still maintain that the crap that was going on in the House was preventing the committee from performing it's duty in an appropriate manner and that this prorogation, while being pure politicking and self serving may in fact be a benefit. Sorry for the confusion.

Once again, what would happen between now and March 3rd that can't be taken care of afterwards.

As far as bills in readings go, when the opposition parties demands that legislation be changed drastically before proceeding it's as helpful as the party in "power" refusing to change it. When there's no compromise on either side you get stalemate...which is what was happening. So a time out has been called...if only it could be a time out with no pay...then maybe they'd learn a better lesson...and by them I mean EVERY politician in the House!

I didn't miss the ;) I was just not sure where the comment came from. Has anyone here seen the Generation Kill series that aired last year? Fantastic look at how command fails the common soldier. Please don't mistake my arguments for support for any particular party. I just don't want people jumping to conclusions until the committee has completed its review and I fail to see how prorogation has incredibly damaged our ability to continue to function. Personally, I'd love to see a new lot of politicians in every level - doing the job that they're supposed to do, not living up to a politicians reputation.

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