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By frank (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 14:58:22

Ryan, that doesn't imply that everything has been taken care means that nothing gets done once it's prorogued...

That's pure speculation... the public interest and opposition party scrutinizing in the investigation nearly guarantees that the new special committee's mandate will be identical. Only time will tell. If it's not, then the Conservatives will almost definitely face a non confidence vote, related or not, in order to force an election. Regardless, there's no point in calling out that the sky is falling based on premonitions. It is prudent to ensure that interest is maintained in the matter in order for Harper to feel compelled to keep the same mandate, but not to speculate.

As far as the Senate goes, adding 5 new Conservative members brings the total Conservative number 3 above the Liberals. There are, I believe, 2 independent and 3 who identify with the now defunct PC party. Still doesn't guarantee anything really...

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