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By TreyS (registered) | Posted January 07, 2010 at 15:55:38

Bottom line. Is that Canada has done okay during the PC minority gov.

After Martin/Chretien years.. I just can't vote for Libs anymore, not Federally. They are all Professional Politicians. The Libs do whatever it takes to get votes. Our own council members are just waiting for the call from the Liberal Party.... because Hamilton almost guarantees a Lib seat. With the exception of do-nothing Chris Charlton. Has anyone ever heard of anything from her since she was elected after 10 tries? No. And for those who keep voting for David Christopherson... quit wasting your vote on a professional politician. Where is he?

At least the PC's are clear on the issues. Vote for them or not. Or vote for a fence-sitting, how-the-wind-is-blowing Liberal Party. Forget the NDP, they were irrelevant 20 years ago.

What is needed is a reform to our Parliamentary Democracy. I would rather we take a Congressional style (US) of democracy. It allows our elected public officials to vote how they please, regardless of Party lines. Believe it or not, the US style allows for members of the Senate and the House Congress to vote outside of partisan policies. In Canada, if a member votes outside of the Party... they are removed and become and Independent. Not so in the US. What the US calls 'Partisan' is standard policy in a parliamentary system. Any country that adopted the UK Commonwealth style of Democracy.

In fact the US has more 'parties' then Canada. Canada has PC's, Libs, NDP and Green.

The US has, (from R to L) Libertarians, Conservatives, Republicans, Moderate Republicans, Blue-Dog Democrats, Democrats and Liberals and Independents. Giving US voters a choice between 8 political views. *Note: the "Liberals in the US = our NDP. Verify how much more right-wing the US is then in Canada. ie: George W. Bush = a Party that doesn't even exist in Canada. Harper at most = a Moderate Conservative is a "Blue Dog" Democrat.

The Liberal "machine" would have you believe that Harper is another Bush. Hardly. Harper is a Blue-Dog, or in Canada we call a Blue-Liberal or Red-Conservative. Harper's Party right now is as central as you can get, Look at his policies and convince me otherwise. The problem is his image is very conservative... but with working-family tax cuts, northern sovereignty, and reduced GST and thought-out depression spending, the PCs have done well.

I would like to make an observation. The PCs do very well in the west, Ontario is always the swing vote and the Maritimes are mixed between Libs and PCs. Nova Scotia usually going PC.

Then we have the PQ. Their objective is to break apart Canada. Currently Canada looks sweet to break apart. West = Conservative. Central=Liberal. Quebec=Seperative and Maritime=mixed. The best objective for the Separatists would be support Regional Parties. Canada has never been so Partisan geographically. Count on the the PQ to support the PC not on policy but to further divide the Country.

Quebec would love to see the West want to divide from Canada as much as they would. If we keep going on this BS Parliamentary BS path... we'll see Quebec and Western Canada separate. Leaving Ontario and Maritimes to give it up too.


Keep in mind that with every dollar the gov spends on domestic programs, it takes 6 transactions of those dollars to be re-collected under the PC stimulus plan. ie. Money flows. the economy keeps going. And the deficit shrinks -- money that the Liberals asked for -- budget will be balanced in few years.

If the Liberals spent the same amount of $ in stimulus money it would be spent on non-programs and not be re-collected as taxes for 5 or 6 years. This is what I'm saying. Go ahead and foolishly vote Liberals next time. Do you think the Libs wouldn't have gone into a deficit?

So the US voted an Lib/NDP as president in other words. These elected officials are either a Republican or Democrat... granted it seems like only a two party system exists, but when in fact it is a 6 or 7 party system. Because members of Congress are free to vote how they want, regardless of Party. Talk about Partisan. A Parliamentary system is far more "partisan" then a Congressional *US system.

Note: I still believe in an appointed Senate like Canada -- a second sober vote, only because they have the appointment for life so they can vote regardless of trying to get re-elected or to tow the Party lines . Because in the words of George Washington "sometimes the people don't know what's right". Note: GW started out the US democracy without Parties.

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