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By JoeCT (anonymous) | Posted January 20, 2010 at 15:49:42

I think Ryan McGreal got his labels wrong... I think that the car in the second picture is actually called a "Hummer" and the car in the first picture is called the "Dumb Car."

Also, I'm sorry to hear that you aren't going to be able to "live the suburban dream in perpetuity." What happened? Did you finally realize that in order to earn an income, you must actually do something that benefits society? I'm sorry to hear that you have to move back into the over-crowded city. We who are continuing to live our dream will think of you.

Maybe instead of using the power of government to force people into shit cars that wouldn't even be able to get me into and out of my driveway during the months of November December January February and March, you should worry about your own life and your own lifestyle. This isn't Red China; America isn't an authoritarian dictatorship where every time a pantywaist no-nothing has a bad dream about the Coca-Cola Polar Bears we use the force of government to dictate how people live. Try educating ourself about the philosophy of enlightened self-interest and get off your self-righteous kick.

I noticed that someone commented and said they wish that the government would regulate what kind of car you can have based on your job?!?!?! What if you change jobs 10 times in your life??? What if you start your own business?? What if you start SEVERAL businesses?? Should the cars and planes only be available to the power-elite???

Man, people in America are SCARED OF FREEDOM these days!!! I never thought I would EVER see a population who is so scared to go out into the world without a Mommy and Daddy holding their hands... If this person thinks that the government has ANY RIGHT to dictate to a FREE PEOPLE what you can or cannot own, then I hope that same government silences people like you. But I DO NOT want the government to silence ANYONE!!! RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION, RESPECT PEOPLE'S FREEDOM, and just remember to LIVE AND LET LIVE.

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