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By jason (registered) | Posted April 03, 2010 at 15:28:20

yea, let's not get carried away trying to make it sound like this blog posting is out of line due to the police involvement. Look at all the flower bouquets taped to street poles all over the lower city from people being killed by cars. it's a massive problem and the design shares the bulk of the blame. I spent some time in downtown Dundas today. Saw a suburban politician enjoying the stroll down a vibrant and people-filled King St while families rode the horse drawn carriage down the street and kids chased the Easter bunny around looking for eggs.

Knowing how big of a stink these suburban politicians and their residents make whenever two-way conversions are discussed for downtown Hamilton made me wish that we could convert King St in Dundas to 4-lanes, one-way with timed lights and signed transport truck routes.

Perhaps once the power brokers see their enjoyable Sat afternoon ritual greatly disturbed, it might cause them to stop and think twice about why folks like me don't deserve to enjoy a similar quality life in my neighbourhood.

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