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By me (anonymous) | Posted April 06, 2010 at 21:41:39

When I lived in hamilton, I was nowhere near hess village. I wish I was.

Instead I was woken up by fights on my lawn every thursday, friday and saturday night, and occasionally during the week. They usually involved large groups of people with what looked like pipes, but twice I was able to watch teenage thugs beating their girlfriends on the hood of my car. I got to enjoy prostitutes screaming, glass being smashed and people street racing EVERY NIGHT. People spray painted the side of my house many times, cut my cable, drove over my shrubs, stole my lawmover and littered all over my lawn. I put up a fence to try to keep people from dumping garbage bags again the back of my house, but instead they just threw it over the house. Eventually someone drove through the fence, then stole the lumber. Also, I am a little guy, shooing away crackies and hookers using my front porch as a taxi stand/toilet all the time wasn't fun. On one very special occasion there were actually people trying to smash down my front door while my girlfriend was on the phone with the police. That lasted for more than 5 minutes before she could get to the phone, and then a few more after she made the call. I actually slept holding a hammer every night.

We had to call the police at least every week and sometimes as many as three times. And what sucks is that every single time the police came, I could hear the sirens minutes before they arrived. With all the alleyways and backyards, the bad guys were gone long before the police arrived. Even then they would just drive by the house and leave. Why give the bad guys such advance warning?

Anyways, my point is, that if there were bars and patios in my area, at least they would be regulated and patrolled by police/security. There would be more people in the area at night, and it would be harder for idiots to get away with the crap I have had to deal with. Dealing with noise on occasion is far better than feeling trapped in your house after 6 PM.

I lasted a year in Hamilton.

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