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By Skully (anonymous) | Posted April 07, 2010 at 15:31:31

I live on Grosvenor and judging by the 15-foot skid marks from the police car and immediate eyewitness reports, the police car was chasing, not following, that van and going at a very high rate of speed. I emailed Bernie Morelli asking why, exactly, the police felt it necessary to engage in a high speed police chase through a residential neighbourhood at noon hour on a school day. What, exactly, is the protocol and why the hell didn't the officer follow it? This could've had hugely tragic consequences, nevermind the fact that an innocent bystander, who happened to be driving the SUV, is still in hospital with serious injuries.

If it's not the speeding idiots running red lights on King Street, it's our own police endangering our lives. Enough's enough, people...

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