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By jason (registered) | Posted April 08, 2010 at 09:07:18

LOL. I understood you.
Speaking of MDJ, I can't wait for their James North location. They are the only reason I ever go to Westdale. It'll be awesome having a spot closer to home with space for a PATIO.
Westdale obviously likes things just the way they are. I'm just saying it could be a heck of a lot better and become one of those spots that you bring out of towners to enjoy like we do with Hess and the west harbour.

I'd have to crunch some numbers, but my idea of angled parking fronting King St would basically mean that only have the spots in the 'inner circles' would be lost - the half that directly faces the storefronts. The other half that faces King right now would remain, except would be accessed from King instead of from inside the circle.
Keep in mind, Hortons, Shoppers and Weils have a huge parking lot, and the Saigon place has a parking lot, and I think the cupcake place and the kitchen store have parking lots too.
Regardless, for whatever reason Locke seems to be taking over as the hotter destination of the two neighbourhoods. My wife and I have been noodling around on MLS lately seeing if any homes are up for sale in our area and I've found myself saying something I wouldn't have dreamt of 10 years ago -" I don't want to move to Westdale."
The north, west and south sides of downtown are where it's at IMO. From James South/Augusta/Durand/Corktown to Kirkendall/Locke South to Strathcona/Hess Village to James North/West Harbour neighbourhoods I see so much more enjoyment than if I were to move out to Westdale. Each of these downtown area neighbourhoods has it's own feel and amenities and is in close proximity to larger amenities like the Gore/Market/Library/theatres/restaurants/galleries/cultural venues etc......

It'll be interesting to see what the next 10 years brings if the downtown area can slowly revitalize.

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