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By jason (registered) | Posted April 09, 2010 at 10:09:05

Frank, FYI I should have clarified my comments about Bogota - it was my second trip there, 3 years later that blew my mind. In a short 3 years they had constructed one of the worlds longest BRT systems, had added hundreds of km of bike lanes, planted millions of trees and completely overhauled the taxi fleet to brand new vehicles without the massive pollutants so brutally evident during my first trip.

Tower cranes were up everywhere as new apartments and condos were built with ground floor cafes, fruit markets, athletic clubs etc.....

halfway from the airport to the hotel I remember thinking "what happened here? It used to stink and be filled with smog." I soon learned that they literally transformed their city in 3 years. We can't add a single bike lane on York Blvd in that time frame, let alone completely change the culture and environment of the city.

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