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By Glass Half Full (anonymous) | Posted April 09, 2010 at 16:16:31

frank: "The reason that gives BIAs pause is because the neighbourhood starts to dislike the business district if that happens... IMO, that should be more than enough parking for the amount of people there provided things like transit access, cycling access and pedestrian access are maximized."

I agree on both counts, but the fractious dynamic of that neighbourhood (which has residential-business us-and-them within the villagers-students us-and-them) and wonky transit scheduling (not to mention absence of an upscale mode like LRT which might alleviate the need for playing sardines with Mac students) makes such a resolution unlikely. And it's not just Westdale. People drive even in areas of the city where they have far less reason to. James North has far better transit support and higher density and closer relationship to the city's core, yet as I pointed out, the block between Vine/Cannon/MacNab/James is pretty much as parking-clad as the whole of Westdale. And the street can be just as prone to solo drivers as western suburbs: On two occasions, I've had breakfast in a Harbour Diner window seat and watched a table of four or five show up in separate SUVs.

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