Comment 39974

By realitycheck (anonymous) | Posted April 19, 2010 at 18:36:12

Jon Dalton, I could not agree with you more. AN issue like AEGD needs to be represented by all sides at a forum like this. My point, lost during my own little pile-on of prompt down-voting, is that there is no possibility for abalnce in a debate where there is one invited speaker who is a proponent facing a panel of five (or more) opposing speakers. A panel with this type of makeup cannot possibly lead to a fair and open exchange of points of view, as was aptly demonstrated here immediately following my initial posting.

note to moderator: It could add value to the voting system here if two adjustments were made: First off, please drop the fading of font based on down-voting as it is too much akin to censorship to be part of a discussion forum. Secondly, it may be constructive to display the member names of voters and how they voted. That would assist in determining (and possibly deterring) people who consistently downvote based on the poster rather than the content of the post.

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