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By Meredith (registered) - website | Posted April 19, 2010 at 21:20:32

Realitycheck - I absolutely understand your concern. We have been trying to make a balanced panel from the start. We are also working closely with Westdale on this.

So far over half a dozen people on the pro-AEGD side we've contacted have politely declined to share their opinions or cited prior committments on that evening. The anti-AEGD side, perhaps because they are more vocal, was easy to secure a few committed panelists for.

We keep inviting, and there are one or two more people we are hoping will respond more positively to our invitation to balance out this panel, but we can only work with who wants to show up and share their opinion.

Like any other issue, this one has two sides - each with their strong opinions and legitimate concerns. It is my sincere desire - as well as that of the Hamilton Civic League - that we get equal representation on both sides so that we can flesh out the discussion fully.

We are also planning to have City staff give an outline as to what the AEGD is, in case those who come aren't too familiar with the concept can have a better basis (without pro or anti bias) before the discussion.

I hope that addresses some of your concerns. Absolutely, we want this to be a balanced discussion - but we can't force any panelists to appear on either side.

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