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By Kiely (registered) | Posted April 28, 2010 at 15:01:39

Wait what? WHAT? Illogical people who are wrong aren't really wrong because they're illogical and you can't use logic to decide what's right and wrong when you're dealing with illogical people? Dude, your moral relativist concern trolling is making me dizzy. - z jones

You are reading what you want not what I wrote.

I said when dealing with people's opinions you often cannot deal with logic. A person's opinion is their reality, if they think they are right they are right. You can say they're wrong all you want, you can throw studies and facts at them and often that doesn't help, many will continue to believe they are right and you are wrong. The debate over who's reality is right or wrong can either go back and forth ad nauseum or a consensus ("middle ground") can be attempted to be reached.

You can take a solution that has proven results, studies to support it, etc... You and I may say that is the right choice. The facts may back us up and the academic reality may make it the right decision but if the majority of people simply do not believe it is the right choice then it will fail, (i.e., it is perceived as wrong).

Take proportional representation for example, to me that is clearly the right decision. I can provide plenty of studies proving it is the "right" decision but the reality is to a majority of voters in the last provincial election it was the "wrong" one and was defeated.

What is "right" and "wrong" is subjective when you are discussing people's opinions. People disagree, simply saying "I'm right and you're wrong", does nothing to change that. I don't know what is "dizzying" about that concept to you?

Is calling someone a "moral relativist" the new cool put down??? You'll have to do better than that if you want to hurt my feelings : )

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