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By JonC (registered) | Posted June 04, 2010 at 10:24:50

Unindustrial, I'm sorry you have the limited imagination to only envision the current system or nothing at all. And I don't think you properly see the effects of a lack of system.
No zoning laws becomes zoning anarchy.
A direct democratic approach would be a bigger mess than the current system. And I know you don't believe me when I type that, but consider, what population size is required to vote on changes the next door neighbours, the block, the blocks around yours, the ward, the city? Realistically it varies from project to project. Consider these: a) I want to install a cell tower in my back yard b) A group of eight neighbours decide to combine backyards to start a small pig farm c) A block of homes agrees to sell to a group that intends to raze the block and install a shopping complex d) Four block sell to a group building a power plant And what if the party(ies) disagree with the sample size of the vote, does it go to the courts? If they go ahead and do what they feel like anyway, what recourse is there?
Good luck sorting that out. It's the reason cities have zoning.

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