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By A Smith (anonymous) | Posted June 05, 2010 at 00:20:46

z jones >> Everyone knows that the population growth rate goes down as a society gets richer

Then why is Alberta the fastest growing province, both in population and GDP? In contrast, Atlantic Canada, which has long been the poor man of Canada, with high taxes and high government spending, also has the slowest growing population.

As for zoning, most people want to maximize the value of their land, not destroy it. Take building height restrictions as an example. If these were abolished across the city, there would likely be far less student homes in Westdale and West Hamilton, because developers would build student condo highrises near the university.

This would reduce the costs to students, increase the value of the land near the university and decrease the harm done to nearby residential neighbourhoods. All of this would be accomplished by allowing buyers and sellers to figure out the best solution, not government.

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